Management Liability

Management Liability

Sports and entertainment organizations are always in the public eye, making them prime targets for litigation. Protect your executives – and your bottom line – with management liability insurance that covers risks you may not have thought about. 



The sheer number of potential legal exposures that companies in the sports & entertainment world face is astonishing. And just one lawsuit can be financially devastating. Protect your organization’s assets and the personal assets of your executives, directors, officers and managers with a truly comprehensive management liability plan. 

We’ll work closely with you to build a highly customized protection program that gets ahead of the next big threat. Coverage options include: 

  • Directors and officers liability (private & nonprofit). Protects the entity, directors and officers and employees from claims made against them by third parties for allegations of acts, errors, omissions, misstatements and misleading statements by the management. 

  • Employment practices liability. Covers the entity and individuals against employment-related claims, such as sexual harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination and retaliation. 

  • Fiduciary liability. Covers the entity and plan trustees against claims of mismanagement of the company’s employee benefit plans. 

  • Crime. Coverage for dishonest or criminal acts, such as employee theft, computer fraud, forgery or alteration, theft of clients’ property and social engineering losses. 

  • Cyber liability. Coverage for threats related to data breaches or potential data breaches. Includes first- and third-party exposures, such as theft of personal information, cyber extortion, network security breaches, privacy liability and regulatory expenses.  

  • Multimedia liability. Coverage for media-related claims related to the gathering, publishing or dissemination of content, including defamation and invasion of privacy, as well as copyright or trademark infringement. Includes content in all mediums, such as television, radio, Internet and social media platforms.  

  • Kidnap, ransom and extortion insurance. Covers the entity and all employees in the event of a kidnap, ransom or extortion event. Coverage is worldwide and includes access to a security consultant who’s available 24/7. 

  • Employed lawyers liability. Protects in-house attorneys for claims that allege acts, errors and omissions related to their roles as legal professionals. 

  • Miscellaneous errors and omission liability. Covers professional services outside the scope of the media and employed lawyers policies, protecting against claims of negligence or failure to perform the defined professional duties. The definition of “professional services” is defined by the needs of each client. 

  • Patent liability. Covers legal costs related to patent infringement lawsuits. 

  • Representations and warranties insurance. Protects against financial loss related to contractual breaches of representations and warranties committed during acquisitions or mergers. 



We’ll scrutinize your existing policies, looking for gaps or coverages that don’t align with actual need, and identify coverages that should be there but aren’t. Then we put into place a compliant program at a competitive price. Learn More



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Media and Entertainment

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