Captive Implementation and Management

Captive Implementation and Management

It’s not unusual to consider whether a captive might be the right risk transfer solution for your sports or entertainment organization. We know exactly how to help you find out. If the answer is yes, we’ll expertly guide you through planning and management — and everything in between.


Captive insurance can be a smart way for you to approach alternative risk financing in the sports & entertainment world. Or not. Our comprehensive, data-driven evaluation is designed around your organization’s unique concerns so that you can clearly understand every financial pro and con.  

When captive formation is the right next step, our meticulous implementation and management process clarifies complexities and positions you to take full advantage of the potential benefits of being self-insured.   

Our highly specialized captive expertise includes: 

  • Feasibility Analysis 

    - Understanding of your risk management philosophy and strategic objectives 

    - Cost-benefit analysis 

    - Risk retention ability 

    - Loss history 

    - Industry benchmarking 

  • Implementation 

    - Structure design 

    - Domicile selection 

    - Client service timeline 

  • Management 

    - Claims handling 

    - Reporting 

    - Recordkeeping 

    - Regulatory compliance 

    - Performance monitoring 

    - Marketplace monitoring 



If you’re wondering if other organizations in the sports and entertainment arena are benefiting from captive insurance, our expertise in both areas means can provide in-depth insight and industry best practices that’ll convince you. Learn More



The sports and entertainment group brings together the industry’s most recognized solution providers – seasoned professionals with high-profile experience – to deliver the best in specialized protection programs for sports organizations, athletes, owners, events, teams and executives.

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Media and Entertainment

Media and Entertainment

Our united team of high performers is a competitive group of experts experienced in building the unique programs necessary to thrive in the ever-evolving entertainment industry, crafting superior protection programs, creating new opportunities and driving success for entertainers, performers, film production companies and unique creative entities.

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NFP delivers performance excellence powered by a forward-thinking, solution-oriented, client-centric approach and decades of specialized industry experience that expertly guide special events, promotions and productions of any size, anywhere in the world toward success and away from unnecessary risk.

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