Loss Control

Loss Control

A premier event cancellation, an injured fan, a lost sponsorship. All are potentially catastrophic. Developing an effective loss control program means understanding the specific risks that affect the sports and entertainment industry the way that we do — inside and out.


We’ll work closely with you and top-tier insurers to implement effective solutions that reduce the possibility a loss will occur and the severity of those that do. Our creatively designed yet practical strategies and programs decrease workplace injuries, protect your property and control liability exposures. We’ll guide you through the maze of regulatory compliance issues as we work to reduce your financial exposure to the direct and indirect costs that occur with a loss. 

Loss control for the sports & entertainment world needs to be specialized to be successful. Here’s a look at just some of our areas of expertise: 

  • Property. Subject to a membership credit with your property carrier? We’ll help you maximize your share. 

  • Emergency preparedness. We perform threat assessments and prepare emergency plans for everything from sports complexes and international team academies to television networks. 

  • Liability. The policies and procedures we draft can cover everything from fan detention to special event and tour guidelines. 

  • Jewel events. Our personalized checklists and on-site risk control assistance keep operations moving smoothly, from planning to event day. 

  • On-site risk management assessments. We assess a wide range of coverages, exposures and controls through management interviews, policy and procedural interviews, and observation of several events.  

  • Business interruption. Working with your senior management, we’ll put into place short-term and long-term business interruption strategies for situations like the loss of use of a sporting arena or the loss of a key executive.  



The challenge of implementing sophisticated service capabilities across all areas of your organization is met head on through our four-pronged loss control service program: 

  • Review. We examine your current policies and procedures, providing experience-driven feedback on how to make them stronger. 

  • Audit. We compare your procedures and risk controls against the quality of your ongoing operations and provide an extensive gap analysis report that becomes the basis for needed change.  

  • Assist. We partner closely with you to write new programs, policies and procedures. 

  • Train. We develop custom-tailored training programs geared toward sports- and entertainment-related issues, and conduct on-site presentations. 

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The sports and entertainment group brings together the industry’s most recognized solution providers – seasoned professionals with high-profile experience – to deliver the best in specialized protection programs for sports organizations, athletes, owners, events, teams and executives.

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Media and Entertainment

Media and Entertainment

Our united team of high performers is a competitive group of experts experienced in building the unique programs necessary to thrive in the ever-evolving entertainment industry, crafting superior protection programs, creating new opportunities and driving success for entertainers, performers, film production companies and unique creative entities.

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NFP delivers performance excellence powered by a forward-thinking, solution-oriented, client-centric approach and decades of specialized industry experience that expertly guide special events, promotions and productions of any size, anywhere in the world toward success and away from unnecessary risk.

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